5 Instagram content creation tips for Fitfluencers

Your social media is not the be all and end all of your personality, but it certainly goes a long way to have your online persona on point. Being real and authentic matters, but also the quality of content that you’re producing. Here are some top tips to crafting impactful Instagram content:

Tip #1. Captivate and motivate

Whether you’re posting photos or video to Instagram, you need to captivate your audience with powerful words and compelling visual elements. Remember, just because your video can be an hour long, doesn’t mean you have to use every minute. Keep your content concise and enthralling to keep users coming back for more.

Tip #2. Don’t over-post

Find the balance with your content. Rather communicate your message effectively than post something that repeatedly conveys the same message. A higher posting frequency is okay, to a degree, as long as each post is crafted with thought.

Tip #3. Engage with other users

You’re now a ‘publisher‘; a provider of content to the world. Engage, engage, engage. When you develop content and your audience reacts or responds, make sure you answer timeously.

Tip #4. Create positivity through your content

There is no place for opinionated posts on social media, especially when you’re trying to build a profile or leverage your business. Be impartial and unbiased. Approach matters with professionalism, and always remember what grandma said: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

Tip #5. People connect with people

Yes, it’s all about creating quality content, but your personal brand still has to shine through in all the work you do. When you feel passionate about something, don’t be shy to share that passion! If something moves you, it will echo with the audience. They are, after-all, interested in you!


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