Alisha Viljoen

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Alisha
  • Surname: Viljoen
  • Age: 27
  • Area you live in: Durban
  • Occupation: Financial Clerk

Social Profiles:

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Tell us more about yourself:

What are your fitness goals?

I set goals for myself every year. This year was to get on stage again and compete in SA Champs. My fitness goals are to grow as an athlete and to inspire others with my journey, I have made this a lifestyle because it benefits me and who I am as a person.

I always wanted to be an ambassador for a brand , because I know that I can help and motivate and uplift people and my journey can help other get to where they want to be in life as well.

Any sporting / fitness achievements we should know about?

I placed 3rd in my first Fitness Novas show in 2015. I competed again  in 2015, I won the East Coast Classic IFBB competition in  2015. I am competing in August In provincials and my goal is to reach the Arnolds next year.

Why do you think you’re the USN Face of Fitness?

I know I can be the USN Face of Fitness because, I know what it takes to want something so bad in life, I am a strong woman that works for what she wants in life, and I never give up. I have learned so much through the journey I have started, I have been through the deepest waters, and I am still rising, I enjoy uplifting and motivating myself and others around me. I am looking to prove that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. I have a beautiful personality that can change any negative into a positive. I have the heart of a winner.