Ashley van der Westhuizen

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Ashley
  • Surname: van der Westhuizen
  • Age: 20
  • Area you live in: Deneysville, Free State
  • Occupation: Student in Industrial Psychology at North-West university (VTC)

Social Profiles:

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Tell us more about yourself:

What are your fitness goals?

To become an IFBB elite/pro competitor. To make it to worlds in bodybuilding. All through achieving the smaller goals in life.
MENTAL: I would love to share how having a positive mind-set is an important part in achieving your healthy body. I would love to share ways in achieving a more positive outlook, as well as how it can help you manage between training, dieting, studying and all the other things in life.
EMOTIONAL: Hormones, OH My! With show prepping and dieting, we tend to get moody. As humans, emotion is part of our inner core reactions and can not be controlled. With a positive attitude, the right motivation and the right support system it makes everything worth it.
FOOD: Once I joined the body-building team at the university, I realised the important role of diet and not just training, in achieving my goals. I understood the importance of correct supplementation. To diet continuously is not sustainable. Most people under eat on diets and pick up weight from starving their body of certain nutrients for to long. Finding the right diet and correct supplements are a crucial part of your fitness journey. As well as a treat once in a while.
PHYSICAL: As a bikini competitor I have learnt how to manipulate the body into achieving specific goals at set dates for comp. I would love to share how this is possible in a healthy way and how it is okay not to look “show-day” ready for everyday of the year. Setting realistic goals really helps in this aspect. I am always motivated when I look back on old competition photos and realise that in that moment I felt proud, even though my currant physique has improved since then. I feel that a healthy lifestyle is feeling like the best version of yourself, being proud of your past and present progress, being yourself and having fun along the way.

Any sporting / fitness achievements we should know about?

  • SA Champs Team of 2019 – Beach Bikini Line-up in September
  • 3rd at Champions Arise – Beach Bikini Line-up – 2019
  • 5th at Sedibeng Provincials 2019
  • Gauteng Ekurhuleni A team (SANESA) – Equestrian – Provincial Colours – 2012

Why do you think you’re the USN Face of Fitness?

USN has always been my product of choice. Especially the whey protein, as eggs and I aren’t good friends. So the USN blue-lab whey has been incorporated into my diet till show day. And to be honest, the flavours are so amazing, that it satisfies those cravings for something sweet, but completely guilt free. Making prep so much easier.

I would be proud to be associated with USN, as I’ve already signed up for the affiliation program, and would love to share my amazing fitness journey with this brand. I would love to share fitness as a positive aspect of life and motivate many other people to reach their potential by sharing my inspiring fitness journey.
This would be an amazing experience and platform to share my journey. I am dedicated and motivated in my fitness journey and want to show people what a little bit of magic looks like. All women deserve a little magic in their life!