Atini Maseti

Vital Stats

First Name: Atini

Surname: Maseti

Age: 29

Where you live: Boksburg

Occupation: Video editor

Social Profiles

Instagram: Athi_Mst

Facebook: Athini ATee Maseti

Twitter: Athi_Mst


Tell us more about yourself

What are your personal fitness goals?

I want to improve my body’s capabilities by trying things like yoga, Animal Flow, martial arts and boxing. I want to gain more muscle yet still keep my curves, and become stronger and better at working out. I am working to master my nutrition by understanding more about food, and perfect my skipping as this helps me with stress and overthinking.

How will you use your #BiogenFaceOfFitness ambassadorship to inspire women to lead a healthy / fit lifestyle if you win?

I want women to first feel and see the benefits of treating your body with care. Staying healthy can help with dealing with everyday stress and depression and your body rewards you when you take care of it – it’s a holistic benefit. I want to teach women to love themselves and embrace their current bodies, which all starts with the mind and how you see yourself. I want to inspire people who can’t afford fancy foods and show them that you can make really delicious meals with inexpensive ingredients.

What health and fitness quote or mantra do you live by?

“There is no progression without pain”

Tell us about your fitness lifestyle

I try to keep my nutritional and workout regimen simple. I don’t have cheat days but I do include moderated treats. I switch between water and vitamin water during the day to stay hydrated. My training is usually structured around strength training using body weight, dumbbells, bands and other objects in the house. I do cardio once or twice a week with HIIT and skipping. I train 4-5 times a week, in the mornings and afternoons, and try to work every muscle 3-4 a week. I have an active rest day where I try my hand at yoga or do stretches, or run up and down chasing a 2-year-old. I try to get 8 hours of sleep a night.

Why do you think you’re the Biogen Face of Fitness?

I want to empower women to go beyond what their limits and to see themselves as someone bigger and better than yesterday. I also enjoy learning and reading about fitness and nutrition and I want to teach women what I have learnt and am still learning so that they can make better choices regarding their health. I also want to teach school girls about health and nutrition so we have more confident and strong women in the future.

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  • Abg on September 8, 2020

    If you don’t make time for exercise you probably gonna make time for hospital

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