Bianca Tiffany Marais

Age: 24
Lives: Roodepoort, Johannesburg

If I am not doing anything relating to chiropractic, sports, dancing or gyming, I am doing something adventurous like hiking. I chase anything that gives me adrenaline. I am a confident, independent woman, but I am always humble. I live by the motto: “Fly high with the eagles, but eat with the mossies”. It basically means, go out and achieve your goals and dreams, work hard and do great things but, at the end of the day, always remain humble and remember your roots. Food is a big aspect of my life, I love eating! I enjoy all types of cuisines. I come from a multiracial family. My boyfriend, family and support structure mean everything to me and they always push me to achieve my goals. No matter what I have achieved, I know it is because of the Lord and I will always give all the glory to him. 

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

Fitness has always been incorporated into my life. I was a sprinter throughout my schooling career. At the same time, I am a dancer across many styles: Ballet, contemporary, jazz, ballroom and Latin dancing. I started dancing when I was 6 years old and still dance every now and then. Yoga and Pilates got incorporated into my training program to help keep my muscles strong for dance. Dance created the foundation of my physique for what it is today. After high school I started weight training and it has become one of the biggest aspects of my life. I wake up and train. It is a part of me. Over the past 6 years, chiropractic has changed my view on what it means to be “fit” and “healthy”. It has taught me that being fit is not only about your external appearance, but what happens internally. Therefore, I also make sure I eat the correct foods that fuel my body appropriately, take the correct supplements to help my body function and recover, and ensure that I train my muscles correctly to prevent injury. I also take time to give myself positive affirmations and set goals for myself for the week ahead because one’s mental state plays a vital role on their overall fitness and health. I promote these things to my patients every day, and it is what I incorporate into my life every day so that I am fit and healthy. 

What are your personal fitness goals?

To constantly work on my body so that I feel healthy and strong and so that I am able to perform my job every day as it is very strenuous on your body. To be recognised in the broader fitness industry to motivate and educate others of all ages on the importance of a healthy body, both externally and internally, and to help others achieve their peak performance. To use my chiropractic expertise to educate others to actively engage in a healthy relationship between their body, mind and soul. To promote fitness on a bigger scale on different types of strength training, workouts and stretching. To motivate and be an example to others on how they can lead an overall fit and healthy life. 


  • Claire Vermeulen on August 31, 2021

    So inspiring and beautiful. You deserve this opportunity!!

  • Lucille Visser on August 31, 2021

    Whow, not only the potential Biogen Face of Fitness but also the beautiful body and pure soul.

  • Giel Visser on September 1, 2021

    Beatiful body for the Biogen Face of Fitness

  • Matthew lee on September 1, 2021

    Absolutely beautiful ? ripped to the max

  • Merle on September 1, 2021

    Bianca your words are inspiring, love what you wrote “always remain humble and remember your roots”.So very proud of what you believe in and the person that you are today beautiful inside and outside❤️.You worked really hard for the beautiful body that you have.Wishing you all the best for Biogen face of fitness

  • CHANTEL on September 2, 2021

    You are an inspiration Bianca. Wishing you all the best

  • Renata Noble on September 5, 2021

    Both inspiring and stunning. Wishing you all the best Bianca. We are behind you all the way!!

  • Sharon Taylor on September 6, 2021

    Best of luck Bianca? you are the whole package…brains and beauty❤

    • Ashley Penhall on September 14, 2021

      Good luck!

  • Conan Johnson on September 6, 2021

    Strong young lady, very ambitious & hard working > tons & tons & tons greatness oozing out off each & very step of they way , my #1 for this challenge #Go4Gold #YouDeserveiit #champ #bestinthebusiness

  • Rolene on September 6, 2021

    Every word is true, such a sunshine person inspiring others!!!

  • Mary on September 6, 2021

    Done Bianca… All the Best Ahead ??❤️

    • Arusha on September 6, 2021

      All the best Bianca! Absolutely Stunning?! Go get it girl! ??

  • Marina Geduld on September 7, 2021

    Bianca you are an inspiration

  • Alexander on September 7, 2021

    I have voted for you Bianca. We are behind you all the way.

  • Genevieve on September 7, 2021

    Inspiring… well done you are fabulous ????

  • Sharon Raman on September 7, 2021

    All the best Bianca!❤

  • Megan on September 7, 2021

    Wishing you all the best, you so deserve this!❤️

  • Rowena on September 9, 2021

    Good luck darling!

  • Beth on September 12, 2021

    Can see you have worked incredibly hard! Very inspiring! Wishing you all the best!

  • Shannon Brophy on September 12, 2021

    All the best Bianca. Get it girl.

  • Roland on September 13, 2021

    Make it Happen

  • Chanel on September 21, 2021

    Beautiful inside and outside

  • Tamaryn Taylor on September 22, 2021

    Best of luck, rooting for you!

  • Marina Geduld on September 22, 2021

    Congrats and good luck

  • Mary Goldsmith on September 24, 2021

    All The Best Bianca…. You got this ??

  • Chanelle Bosch on October 1, 2021

    Good Luck Bianca ! You are truly inspiring ?

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