Rozanne Hayes

But to answer the question in general… I DO have the x-factor, the attitude, the heart and the passion to fulfil the task… To my perspective of this competition, each and every other competitor do have what it take… So may the best competitor win.

Gretha Garnett

I am a relatable woman. I know the challenges of being a woman, being a mother and being a business owner. I can relate but I can also show that those factors should not be stumbling blocks but rather the motivation to become the best version of yourself.

Shelby Rouessart

I believe with my bubbly personality and experience of public speaking that I would be a perfect ambassador as I have developed the perfect people skills to reach people and carry the brand with pride. I am constantly working towards my own fitness goals with one comp after the other and thus believe I can inspire not only through words but through example.

Vuyiswa Kambule

To me fitness is not about the physical gains but it is more of a mind thing. And I have used fitness to take me out of a dark place mentally. Given the fact that the mental health issues are increasing in our country, for both the young and the old and it has been a problem dealing with such. I believe that I am a perfect candidate for the USN face of fitness because of my approach to fitness, which is seeing fitness beyond the physical results it produces or the aesthetic looks, but rather seeing it as a tool that addresses mental health.

Taryn Schairer

I actually have wanted to enter before but never felt ready. The truth is, one will never feel ready, so if not now, when?
I see this as an amazing opportunity to really jump start my career and winning a title such as the USN Face of Fitness gives credibility to myself as a fitness professional.

Yvonne Marobe

I believe that I am the USN Face of Fitness as it would help me maintain, improve my healthy living lifestyle and also put me in a platform were I am being able to influence different race, gender and all ages that when one is dedicated, committed and consistent one can be able to transform their own bodies to the goals they desire to have.

Sikelelwa Matilose

I am a goal-oriented individual. I have transformed my body in 3 months this year for this competition, with the help of the Lipo X and Gym Commitment from an obese BMI to the healthy range and this appealing physique.

Isilda Da Costa

I have come a long way in my own health, and I want to inspire and educate women far and wide as to how to take their health and fitness into their own hands. I see no need for any of us to not make it this lifestyle. Working together and fueling ladies with the knowledge necessary is the way to go! And as a bonus, teaching women how to fit USN supplements into their plan as I have will be such fun!

Micaela Faith Meyer

My fitness goals for the rest of 2019 is to be recognised for the fire I have and the drive I possess to achieve anything that I set my mind to, Im ready to be diverted to an entirely different level and inspire more to follow in my footsteps.

Matshidiso Serebolo

I can be the USN face of fitness because I’m very good at motivating people and yes, having fun while working out. I am inspirational and am confident. This would be an excellent opportunity for me to be able to be seen and be looked up to.