Chanelle Kruger

Age: 22

Lives: Bloemfontein

I have been a professional dance teacher at Dazzling Dance Studio for almost five years. When I was 17 years old an agency in JHB “Just Dance”  scouted me to go to America for dance. I am also a qualified professional make-up artist. I was a model at Ace Models Bloemfontein and I learned a lot about social media marketing at the modelling school. I was an ambassador for Alpha Lifestyle Nutrition, MUD Makeup, Bg Kickzz, Khali & Co clothing and I am still an ambassador for Tshape gymwear. I am an active and driven person with lots of energy and a positive mindset about everything I face in life. I work out every day to take care of myself and to spend more “me time” in the gym.

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

As a dance teacher, it feels like I do cardio the whole day by dancing. I was a very athletic child in school and I still love how exercise makes me feel good, which is why I go to the gym. I have also become more confident in myself.

What are your personal fitness goals?

To be in it for the long run and achieve the best shape I can possibly be in. I also want to get onto a healthy nutrition plan and make it a lifestyle to improve my immune system. I want to take a proper amount of time to achieve my specific goals. I also want to focus more on establishing healthy habits than just on the results. I want to build more lean muscle but still look like a beautiful lady.

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