Christina Booysen

Vital Stats

First Name: Christina

Surname: Booysen

Age: 22

Where you live: Gauteng

Occupation: Student

Social Profiles

Instagram: Gymfit? (@christina_booysen) • Instagram photos and videos

Facebook: Gymfit Christina Booysen

Twitter: gymfitchrissy (@ChristinaBooys5)

Youtube: Christina Booysen


Tell us more about yourself

What are your personal fitness goals?

My fitness is embedded in a strong why. My why is that I want to be fit throughout my adult and even into old age. I’m inspired by people who can jog and be flexible at age 50, 60 and 70 or later.

I intend to work until I’m 60 or 65 because I don’t see myself pursuing only one career or living in one country all my life, I need to get my body accustomed to my dream already. So the conditioning has to start now. I remind myself that my body is the temple of God. God lives here and I need to glorify Him by living a healthy life and by giving my body the proper attention and nutrition it needs to stay healthy. There’s an intrinsic relationship between mental health, self-esteem, and body image as well and I found that taking care of myself helps maintain health in that regard as well.

How will you use your #BiogenFaceOfFitness ambassadorship to inspire women to lead a healthy / fit lifestyle if you win?

I don’t pursue my lifestyle with the idea of inspiring people. It’s for me and my goals. I think what inspires people is consistency, honesty, and the change they see. But in all honesty, I only think about what works for me and my action plan towards achieving it.

To inspire others I will share tips about exercises that can fuel their busy lifestyles, Whether they are in an eating slump, feeling confused about which foods are “bad” or good for them, or they are getting bored with their workout routine, they can make me their go-to, and if they need a little rah-rah spirit to remind them that they are amazing/dynamic/worthy of all the good things, I am here for that too. On the other hand, I will warn them about people who promote unrealistic images, these people don’t belong on their feed. That’s especially true if they are claiming that you should look and feel like they do, even though they’re not dealing with your barriers. Greater self-acceptance, higher-quality relationships, being in charge of your life, owning your own opinions even when others oppose them, personal growth, and having a strong intrinsic sense of purpose. If they work on these factors, they will likely feel a more intrinsic reward, and therefore this will enhance their motivation to accomplish their lifestyle changes.

What health and fitness quote or mantra do you live by?

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.

Tell us about your fitness lifestyle

It’s hard to maintain the lifestyle changes you want to make. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is weight loss, exercise, normal blood sugar, or decreasing stress. I simply started learning about the value of lifestyle changes and always told myself that my body can do anything for as long as I convince my mind. I started falling in love with fitness eight years back. My inspiration is Jen Selter, I used to watch her videos and was motivated with her body shape. However, I did not take fitness seriously by that time because I couldn’t afford gym equipment and my parents never allowed me to go to the gym alone at that age, I started participating in every sports event at school and became a very active sports girl, that is how I maintained my health and body shape. In 2018 when I started varsity I made a promise to myself that I am going to be cautious with what I put in my mouth and join the school gymnasium and be consistent with it, well I did and fell deeply in love with fitness, even with lockdown nothing is stopping me from working out, that is how much I am in love with fitness. I am a fitness fanatic and that’s me.

Why do you think you’re the Biogen Face of Fitness?

I believe that I have all the attributes a natural leader should have, I am passionate about everything I put my mind to and I am goal-orientated. I am not only interested in fitness, health, and modeling, but I am also interested in using my voice to encourage, motivate and to inspire change when it comes to notions of inequality between man and woman in society, by inspiring change I want to use the famous maxim “Your attitude determines your attitude”. This basically speaks to fearlessness in the face of the current circumstances and specifically to boys and girls out there right now. Fearlessness pertaining to girls who should not limit themselves from opportunities that can grow them and draw them into their full potential. Regardless of what society says about who and what a woman should be and do. Girls need to be inspired to achieve and work towards their full potential because they have a very big role to play in society. Boys learn that the table is big enough for everyone because both the boys and the girls of today have a role to play in the South Africa of tomorrow.

Being associated with this prestigious dynamic brand will enable me to practice my passion more for fitness and health and will also enable me to use my voice to encourage, motivate and inspire when it comes to gender inequality.

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