Claudea Bosch

Vital Stats

First Name: Claudea

Surname: Bosch

Age: 25

Where you live: Windhoek

Occupation: Entrepreneur


Social Profiles


Facebook: believe fitness



Tell us more about yourself

What are your personal fitness goals?

I set many goals for 2020, but these will just carry into 2021.

My current goals for 2020 should all work out due to corona:

Sandman – an event similar to an half ironman in Swakopmund. Last year I came 4th this year I want 1st.

After that we will be doing a 4 man team in the desert dash.I have competed for two years in the 2 man team coming 6th the one year.

My goal is the Ironman 70.3 in Durban. I am working towards becoming faster and stronger on the bike. I would love to take part again and have a finish time around 5 hours.

In 2021 once the borders open again, I would like to compete in a bikini bodybuilding competition. Showing that you can do both.

Furthermore my goals, would be to

– build more muscles with my triathlon training

– to improve my overall speed on the swim, bike and run.

How will you use your #BiogenFaceOfFitness ambassadorship to inspire women to lead a healthy / fit lifestyle if you win?

It would be a blessing and honour to win the title.In my everyday life, I am already trying to inspire and motivate woman.I believe in a holistic approach to health.With my gym, classes, personal training and online coaching my aim is to teach women the value of a healthy sustainable everyday lifestyle. I believe in being relatable to my clients, and that’s what Biogen is to me. It’s a relatable and familiar brand.Using my skills, knowledge and degrees I believe I can inspire more women and showcase what a healthy balanced lifestyle is.Winning the title, will not only give me reassurance but will show what can be done and achieved by hard work to any woman/girl.With my current gym and all the events and online challenges I do host, I know the value Biogen and the title of Biogen Face Of Fitness can offer me and what I can offer you. Namibia is an untapped market and I know that I can promote the product to its full potential. I would love to host more events to educate women and men on everyday living and the benefits of healthy foods. In my 7 years as a coach and personal trainer, the biggest problem I have seen is the lack of knowledge when it comes to food and supplementation. When I win this title, I want to promote more educational resources and tools for anyone to be able to make a healthier choice. I would really like to win this title, to show that your everyday body is just as beautiful.

What health and fitness quote or mantra do you live by?

– One more.

The movie Hacksaw ridge inspired my mantra.

Everyday I ask God what next, and one more challenge.

I try to do what I need to do everyday and to then do one more.

I know that God and my work ability has led me to where I am today.

I have a successful business and even though my social presence is not as big as some others my actual presence is memorable.By doing one more rep, or one more km or even one more hour of work, I make sure to put in 110%.I love my job and the industry I work in.

My online coaching is a great way to reach someone I would like to have. The gym is a wonderful place, I have my entire community and being there everyday to help, motivate and inspire is a big motivation to do and be more.

With my clothing brand I joined my love for fitness and my grandma’s knowledge to create a brand unique to me and every client.Without doing the extra, the one more I would not have reached all this.

Tell us about your fitness lifestyle

My everyday is fitness. I work from 5:00 till 20:00 everyday.I wake to offer classes and end my day with classes.During the day I produce my clothing range.Outside of work I keep to a regular exercise routine putting in my everyday efforts.I am currently training for Ironman and most of my training focuses on improving myself in 3 disciplines.I love crossfire and with the class every evening I enjoy joining my clients and we have a blast doing these classes.

I put in my weight training sessions 3 times a week to form and sculpt my body. I still want to have muscle definition and form with all the cardio I do.I use my knowledge around food to feed my body with whole foods to sustain my active lifestyle.Weekends when I don’t host an event or workshop, we either go cycling or running.I come from a farm and try and stay as natural with products as I can and grow some of my own produce.My diploma in flower remedies and herbology plays a big part in my fitness and holistic lifestyle approachI am healthy and have stayed healthy for various years now.I love exercise and doing this everyday. I have no problem waking up everyday at 5:00 to exercise.

My usual routine would be:

2x classes per day one in the morning and one at night.

weights session focusing on sculpting and forming the muscle.

working on my endurance / power or speed on the bike run and swim

I try and do one stretching yoga session a week to improve flexibility and aids in recovery and forming lean muscle.My crossfire sessions twice a week get my competitive edge going and are great fun.I still fit all this in my everyday and my 8 hours of work and managing my companies.When something is important you find a way. I have the passion and drive to achieve my goals and I am working towards that in my everyday and fitness lifestyle.



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