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Entries for the 2021 Biogen Face of Fitness open 1 August!

To enter the 2021 competition, you will need:


Full length physique photos that illustrate your current conditioning. Close up head shots are also required.

Video (optional, but highly recommended)

We want to get to know you! We’re looking for a one minute entry video that shows your personality and highlights your approach to training, nutrition and a fitness-focussed lifestyle. Find out more about how you submit a video here.

Once you have your video and photo elements, head over to the entry form where you will need to attach images and supply the video URL.

It’s that simple!

Your entry will take 4 business days to process. After which, you will receive your own dedicated URL that you can share with your fans.


What are we looking for in the winning physique?

We look for a healthy, fit and athletic figure which is still feminine, and maintainable throughout the year. Not too muscular and extreme. Fitness magazine is marketed to women who want to improve their health, fitness lifestyles and physiques, therefore the cover model’s appearance needs to be aspirational and appealing to this market.

What is expected of of you as a brand ambassador?

As an ambassador you should ‘live the brand’. That means health and fitness is part of your everyday life. We’re looking for driven and committed individuals who are health-conscious and who can lead by example. Representing Fitness Mag and Biogen goes beyond simply marketability – it’s also about authenticity and how well people can relate to you.

A brand ambassador is one the first points of contact for people to the brand and as such their passion for the brand should be evident. They should always speak positively about health and fitness as well as our brand, and be looking to further the brand’s reputation in everything that they do. Social media posts should be regular, but still real and linked to their lifestyle so as not to seem forced.

What is expected of the winner?

The winner of the Biogen Face of Fitness competition wins a prize package of R150,000. This includes a sponsorship contract for 1 year from Biogen. Responsibilities will be outlined in the winner’s agreement with Biogen, and will include some minor event appearances, along with a few photoshoot responsibilities.

How do I enter?

Online entries for the 2021 cover search will open 1 August 2021. It’s a simple process of uploading your photos and video and completing the form online. Just follow the steps outlined in the ‘How to enter” section, and make sure you have the files you require when completing the online entry.

Do I have to submit professional photos?

No, you don’t, but it is an advantage if you do.

For us to see your physique properly it’s best to have professional lighting in the photos and to ensure that photos are taken in the correct environment. It also shows us that you have put in a great deal of effort to prepare for this competition, which tells us a lot about your personality and your aspirations.


Do I need to wear a bikini?

No, but you do need to wear outfits that show as much of your physique as possible. Crop tops and hot pants are acceptable, but outfits that completely cover your mid-section and legs are not appropriate.

On what basis do you disqualify entries?

We disqualify entries if they do not truthfully represent your current physique. If your photographer does editing of photos you must also submit the original unedited images. We will make every effort to inform entrants of possible problems, so we will communicate with you if there is an issue on the photos that you submit.

Fitness magazine also reserves the right to disqualify entrants for inappropriate social media behaviour.

Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of entering this competition.

How do I know if my entry details and photos are correct?

If you have uploaded your photos and completed the online entry form, then you can assume that everything is correct and the photos you have supplied are in order. If your images are inappropriate or not suitable for online, then our office will communicate with you.

Why is my entry not online?

In our best efforts we try and upload entries to the website as we receive them. With the number of entries increasing as we reach the closing date, turnaround time for entries to appear online could take up to 72 hours (excluding weekends).

Your entry will also not appear online if you have not supplied all the correct photos, and agreed to the terms and conditions for entering this competition.

I already have a sponsor, how does this affect my entry?

You may enter this competition regardless of any other existing sponsorship. However, to be eligible to win the Biogen Face of Fitness, you can not be sponsored by any brand that conflicts/competes with Biogen. If you want confirmation, please contact for more information. (For example: Apparel and beauty products are fine)

How do I know if you've received my entry?

Your entry form and images are completed and uploaded online. The website will confirm with you if they have all been uploaded successfully. A day or two following your upload, our Fitness Mag office will also send you a confirmation email.

If you have not received a confirmation email within 5 working days after submission, please check back with us via email Please note that we will not upload any entries to the website in the competition if they do not meet certain criteria, which are: Completed entry form, physique photos and a video link.

It's my birthday after / before closing date.

This competition is open for females aged 18 and older. (i.e. your age needs to be 18 or older at/on the closing date of this competition).


  1. The competition opens for entries at 1am (CAT), 1 August 2021.
  2. Competition entries close at 12am (CAT), 31 August 2021.
  3. No entry without a completed entry form and photographs will be accepted.
  4. We require at least 1 unedited digital photograph. Any digital photographs submitted that have been found to have been drastically edited to alter the contestant’s appearance will be disqualified. (See submission note for more info.)
  5. Pictures submitted as part of your entry are final. They will used for judging and to compile your profile and accompanying graphics. They will not be swopped at any stage, under any circumstances.
  6. All pictures submitted must be representative of your current condition and suitable for use online and on social media. No further correspondence by the competition facilitators or sponsors will be entered into on the matter of supplied pictures.
  7. Entries are only open to persons (who identify as females) who reside in the SADAC region. (if you are a foreign national with residency in South Africa, you are eligible to enter)
  8. You need to be over 18 years to enter this competition.
  9. Only online entries will be accepted. If you are experiencing problems uploading to the website please contact


By entering this competition, I acknowledge and understand that:

  1. Entrants are deemed to accept these terms and conditions by entering the Competition.
  2. This is a free competition that runs from 1 August 2021 to 1 December 2021.
  3. This competition is open to South African and SADAC region residents only. (Residents is defined as ‘living in the area’. You may hold any citizenship. Non-South African finalists need to provide valid visa’s or residency permits)
  4. This competition is open to persons (who identify as females) over 18 years of age.
  5. Proof of entering information on the website is not considered proof of receipt of entry. You will receive a personal verification.
  6. The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  7. All entries and any other materials submitted (including but not limited to photographs) become the property of the competition organisers and sponsors and can be used for current and future promotional and marketing purposes, without payment or any other consideration.
  8. Prizes are as advertised and will not be exchangeable for cash.
  9. Fitness Magazine reserves the right to change or substitute any of the prizes should sponsors withdraw from the competition.
  10. The winner is subject to contractual obligations to Biogen, Fitness Magazine,  and other competition partners. These will be made known prior to winner announcement.
  11. The competition organisers reserve the right to extend or alter any stated deadlines. If doing so, we will announce changes in a public forum.
  12. Failure to adhere to and fulfil all stipulated requirements in this agreement may result in disqualification and the forfeit of all prizes. The competition organisers reserve the right to recoup any losses from entrants in the event of disqualification or early release from the contract.
  13. All travel and accommodation for the final photo shoot will be paid for by Fitness Magazine.
  14. If a runner-up needs to be chosen to replace a finalist, this will be done at the discretion of Fitness magazine and the competition sponsors. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the final decision.

By entering this competition, the contestant agrees to the following:

  1. By submitting an entry into this competition; I grant Fitness Magazine, Biogen, and other competition partners permission to use my likeness in a photograph in any and all of its publications, including website entries, without payment or any other consideration.
  2. To post and share my entry into the Biogen Face of Fitness 2021 on my social media profiles.
  3. To tag @Biogensa @fitnessmagsa in all my social media posts relating to this competition entry. And to use the supporting hashtag for tracking purposes #BiogenFaceOfFitness2021. Further partner account to be tagged: @hfpa_academy
    @decathlon_Southafrica, @moovemotionfitnessclub_sa, @fha_fitnesshealthactive
  4. To use the supporting graphics as supplied by Fitness Magazine on at least 1 social media profile. This will include, but is not limited to Facebook banners, social media gravatars.
  5. If selected as a top 6 finalist, I will make myself available to attend the final photo shoot mid October 2021 (date to be confirmed). If, as a finalist, I am unable to attend, I agree to forfeit my position and be replaced by a runner-up candidate.

Disclaimer and release of liability:

Competition organisers, sponsors and all prize providers are not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate entry information, human error, technical malfunction, failures, omission, interruption, deletion, or defect of any telephone network, computer online systems, computer equipment, servers, access providers, or software, including any injury or damage to participants or any other persons relating to or resulting from participation in this competition; inability to access the entry website or any pages thereof; theft; tampering; destruction; or unauthorised access to, or alteration of entries; entry submissions that are processed late or incorrectly or are incomplete, garbled, or lost due to computer or electronic malfunction or traffic congestion on the internet or any website.

All entrants, selected entrants, and the grand prize winner release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless sponsor, promotion entities, and all prize providers, and the officers, employees, contractors, and agents of each, from and against any and all liability with respect to, or in any way arising from, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, this competition, publication or use of the submitted photographs or additional photographs, entrants’ names and likenesses, and/or acceptance, use, misuse, loss, or misdirection of the prize, including liability for personal injury, death, damages, or monetary loss.

In no event shall sponsor, promotion entities, or any prize provider be liable or obligated to an entrant, selected entrant, grand prize winner, or any third party in any manner for any special, incidental, exemplary, consequential, punitive, or indirect damages of any kind regardless of the form of action, whether in contract, tort, negligence, strict product liability, or otherwise, even if informed of the possibility of any such damages in advance. This section shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law and notwithstanding the failure of any limited remedy.