Jess Skinner

Age: 28
Lives: Johannesburg 

I was introduced to sport and fitness at the age of 4 when I started figure skating. I learnt how important being fit and healthy was from a very young age. Throughout my school years I competed as a figure skater and in every sport I was able to do at school. I am now an elite CrossFit athlete and strive to get to the CrossFit Games one day. Sport, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has become my main goal and I strive for it each and every day. I love to push the boundaries and push my body to its limits and beyond. 

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

As an elite CrossFit athlete, I train twice a day, 5-6 times a week. I also do a lot of outdoor training such as cycling and running. I am also a CrossFit coach and personal trainer. I have a passion for helping my clients achieve their goals and become healthier. 

What are your personal fitness goals?

I strive to be the best athlete I can be. I work hard each day to be better, stronger and fitter than I was the day before. My short-term goals are to qualify for Fittest in Cape Town next year as the semifinals of the CrossFit Games, as well as two overseas competitions. I also want to compete at a triathlon next year. My long-term goal is to qualify and compete at the CrossFit Games in the US.


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