Jolene Nigrini

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Jolene
  • Surname: Nigrini
  • Age: 24
  • Area you live in: Beaufort West
  • Occupation: Assistant manager at a guest farm

Social Profiles:

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Tell us more about yourself:

What are your fitness goals?


My goal is to keep honouring my body and pushing myself to see what my body and mind are capable of. Every day I learn more about myself and my body by being on this incredible journey. I got lost in the transformation of my body and would never have felt this good and confident if it wasn’t for changing my lifestyle. Your body is a temple and you need to take care of it and I think that is my biggest goal – to love my body, and to be fit for a reason. Having a healthy body and mind is such a gift, a gift most people take for granted. I want my lifestyle to be an example to others to motivate and encourage them to start their fitness journey as soon as possible, before having any regrets.


Why do you think you’re the USN Face of Fitness?


I am a goal-oriented, driven person and push myself to work hard for what I want. I would therefore make a great motivational ambassador to others. I love my fit lifestyle, because it has changed me in every aspect of my life, and I want others to have that same experience. Being fit and healthy doesn’t necessarily mean being skinny, which is a misconception many have, so they never start the adventure. We all had so start somewhere and I want to use this opportunity to help others see the bigger picture. It’s about being and doing the best that you can and getting the best results for your own body. I want to give more people the chance to have this life and teach them how to love their body enough to be healthy. It’s not just about getting a better body, it’s about building a mindset capable of achieving anything.