Khanyisa Hlungwani

Age: 18
Lives: Cape Town 

A brilliant talented young teenager well known for being multitalented. Khanyisa has been recognised for her good grades in school and she is a dedicated passionate student who always aims for higher grades. This granted her an opportunity to be a part of the University of Witwatersrand program named ‘Targeting Talent Program’ from 2018 to 2020. She is a home-taught guitarist and has been playing for about 9 years now. Khanyisa has performed with her guitar at school functions, church conferences and also at the Great Hall at the University of Witwatersrand at a commencement ceremony during the Targeting Talent Program contact sessions. She is a fluent public speaker and has been acknowledged by the Roads and Transport debate competition and made it to the national level. Khanyisa is a self taught contortionist, bending her body to show off her flexibility in unnatural forms. In addition, she is a YouTuber and a writer who focuses on motivational writing, poetry and short stories. Khanyisa matriculated in 2020 with a total of seven distinctions. She is currently doing her first year at the University of Cape Town, studying Mechatronics Engineering.

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

I love working out daily because it helps me refresh from my studies and follows a balanced nutrition plan to achieve my fitness goals. I am focused and aim to inspire others by demonstrating that anything is possible if a person is dedicated to work, fail, learn and never give up. I train five days a week, one hour a day. So fitness is something which is a part of me because I live it. I do not work out whenever I feel like it but because it is who I am. 

What are your personal fitness goals?

My fitness goal is to stay healthy until I become old. I would like to remain consistent in my training. One of my body goals is to tone my thigh muscles, burn inner thigh fat and improve my flexibility because I love contortion.


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