Lindy Uffhaus

Vital Stats

First Name: Lindy

Surname: Uffhaus

Age: 34

Where you live: Cape Town

Occupation: Registered Nurse

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Tell us more about yourself

What are your personal fitness goals?

To build lean muscle and a toned, healthy body that will be beach-ready all year round. My ultimate goal is to compete on stage, and I aspire to be a fitness model. I would also love to be featured in a magazine.

How will you use your #BiogenFaceOfFitness ambassadorship to inspire women to lead a healthy / fit lifestyle if you win?

I want to expand my reach to engage women beyond my nurse-to-patient interaction and be an example to other women by showing them that leading a healthy lifestyle can prevent common conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, vitamin deficiencies, anxiety and depression.

What health and fitness quote or mantra do you live by?

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.” – William James

Tell us about your fitness lifestyle

I do not believe in diets or quick fixes. I believe that slow progression equals long-lasting results. I enjoy challenges like long-distance running, cycling, HIIT fitness, hiking and weightlifting. My goal for the week is to work all muscle groups. I aim to do HIIT once a week, weightlifting 3 – 4 days a week and cardio (running, swimming, and cycling) on a Friday. I eat a balanced diet of nutritious food to keep my body healthy and nourished. I have increased my protein intake to assist with muscle gain.

Why do you think you’re the Biogen Face of Fitness?

I love that Biogen’s motto #BEYOURBEST. I aim to do just that… be my best so that I can help others be their best. As a registered nurse, I feel I am equipped with the knowledge to promote the Biogen brand. I also have personal training experience, which is an advantage as I understand what is required to look and feel one’s best through training. I believe in a holistic approach where one feeds the body, mind and spirit to see the best results. I have been there at the beginning of life and at the end of life, now I want to be in the middle and experience life to its fullest.


  • Adele on September 4, 2020

    Goodluck Lindy

    • Lindy Uffhaus on September 5, 2020

      Thank you??. Feeling great. Have a great day

      • Izelle on September 7, 2020

        Beautiful inside and out! Your healthy lifestyle is inspiring. All the best Lindy!

  • Mitch Levin on September 4, 2020

    Good luck Lindy, you’re a great ambassador for Biogen

    • Lindy Uffhaus on September 5, 2020

      Thank you so much for the compliment. My fitness journey has only just begun. Have a wonderful day

  • Sue-Ellen on September 5, 2020

    All the best. Keep believing in yourself.

    • Lindy Uffhaus on September 5, 2020

      Thank you Sue❤. Your support means alot to me!

  • Conrad de Klerk on September 5, 2020

    Not only does Lindy keep a cool and calm composure during surgical procedures at work, but she is naturally able to transpose that inner and outer confidence to living a healthy, active lifestyle with glamorous composure!!!!

    • Lindy Uffhaus on September 5, 2020

      Aw Doc! You are so awesome!

  • Michelle on September 5, 2020

    Best of luck Lindy!!

    • Lindy Uffhaus on September 5, 2020

      Thank you so so much! Feeling the love❤

  • christal clough on September 5, 2020

    Lindy is such an amazing person. She always strives to active her goals and helping others in the process. A heart of gold!! Good luck lindy!! Shine away girl

    • Lindy Uffhaus on September 5, 2020

      You are incredible. Thank you for these kind

  • Diane Heyman on September 5, 2020

    Good luck Lindy. You are beautiful in every way

    • Lindy Uffhaus on September 5, 2020

      Thank you so much for believing in me. Xxx

  • Amber Jade Friend on September 5, 2020

    You got this girl!

    • Lindy on September 7, 2020

      You are an angel Amber! Thank you for believing in me ?

  • Dr Khan on September 5, 2020

    Good luck!!

    • Lindy on September 7, 2020

      Thank you Dr Khan for the support

  • Dawn Collier on September 7, 2020

    Best wishes Lindy , you can do it !!!

  • Ilana Joubert on September 8, 2020

    Gorgeous girl!! Good luck Lindy

  • Lelanie on September 9, 2020

    You go girl?

  • Nicolette on September 10, 2020

    This girl!!! The most humble being on the planet! I studied fitness with her, and always admired her! She is beautiful inside and out! And now sisters in healthcare, fighting covid together- you will find no better role model than her. If someone like her with a demanding career can do it, make no mistake that she will motivate and challenge you physically and mentally.

    Love you girl!!!
    Super proud ?

  • Kristin on September 19, 2020

    Good luck Lindy! You look amazing!

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