Nicole Mather

Vital Stats

First Name: Nicole

Surname: Mather

Age: 21

Where you live: Durban and Cape Town

Occupation: Student

Social Profiles

Instagram: Nicole Mather (@nixmather) • Instagram photos and videos



Tell us more about yourself

What are your personal fitness goals?

I pride myself on aiming to be strong. Strong mind, strong body and strong soul. My personal fitness goals are centred around strength and listening to my body. With strength, I also have the goal of diversity in which I aim to achieve the goal of being able to perform different fitness sports and movements. Instead of aiming to lose/gain weight I rather aim to be able to do a certain exercise or sport. A current example of this is holding a handstand, which I’ve been constantly practicing towards before or after my workouts each day. This goal of strength and diversity that I have is a long-term goal which doesn’t have to be defined by weight but rather by my own feeling. The ability to be able to do different sports and exercises has always been a great passion of mine as I enjoy it so much, and I will continue to aim to learn different bodily movements in order to continue to achieve my goal.

How will you use your #BiogenFaceOfFitness ambassadorship to inspire women to lead a healthy / fit lifestyle if you win?

Using the #BiogenFaceOfFitness ambassadorship will allow me to help break the pressuring stereotypes that exist throughout society. I would use the ambassadorship to promote overall well-being both physically and mentally, inner and outer strength and listening to your body instead of praising the generic stick-thin body types that society has pressured us to favour for so long. I will hope to encourage a self-love within us all as well as promote the beauty of all body types that exist. I find this very important especially for the up and coming generations, as the amount of body dysmorphia and body shame I have seen merely within my own circle is heartbreaking. I will hope to encourage an appreciation for the diversity of fitness that exists in our world and inspire others to try new fitness techniques. Having this ambassadorship would allow me to promote the importance of feeling confident within yourself through maintaining nutrition as well as finding what works for you.

What health and fitness quote or mantra do you live by?

“Listen to your body”. I have lived by this quote for all my life, where I embrace how my body feels at the time. We have all succumb to the pressures of feeling guilty if we don’t work out or eat healthy, but I want to challenge that guilt. Our bodies all need breaks every now and then, but how we use those breaks is what strengthens us. I find that sometimes my body is just too tired to do a full workout, so instead I go for a walk. Or some days my legs are so sore from my previous day’s activities so I go for a swim in the ocean. Balancing life is tough with having so many commitments, sometimes we’re just tired from working/studying all day because our mind has been so active. The mind is part of the body too and working the mind is just as important as working your body. This mantra that I live by has been instrumental in contributing to my healthy lifestyle of today.

Tell us about your fitness lifestyle

My fitness lifestyle consists of pretty much any physical activity you could think of. I love running, I am always going for walks along the promenade with my friends and will never say no to a long swim in the ocean. I have always enjoyed swimming training from a young age as well as running training. Before the COVID-19 pandemic I would attend SWEAT1000 classes pretty much every day as I was a receptionist there. Besides my love for any HIIT workout, I spend my evenings attending heated yoga classes at YoYoga or pilates classes at Virgin Active. With the current situation, I have kept up my diverse fitness lifestyle by continuing my online pilates and yoga classes, as well as online HIIT classes. I follow and watch Maria Cupido’s instagram workouts as well as other fitness instructor’s that I like to do daily. Recently I have taken up boxing and am absolutely obsessed! As well as this I’ve been trying out CrossFit workouts.

Why do you think you’re the Biogen Face of Fitness?

I think I should be the Biogen Face of Fitness because I am relatable to the public. My body isn’t anything that looks unachievable and my health and fitness lifestyles that I follow are not extreme or impossible but rather enjoyable. The biggest thing I have found is that all these promoters/ambassadors/influencers show an unachievable life that we all just dream of. I would rather see a reality that would inspire me to achieve. To be relatable to the youth of today would promote this ambassadorship even further because my story and lifestyle is one that many others have gone through and thus can relate to. Besides this, I also want to promote different types of body types and positive body images, which is what I think the brand Biogen could use with.

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