Nomzamo Nkambule

Vital Stats

First Name: Nomzamo

Surname: Nkambule

Age: 25

Where you live: Johannesburg

Occupation: Self-employed fashion designer

Social Profiles

Instagram: zamo_nkambule

Facebook: Zamo Nkambule

Youtube: Nomzamo Nkambule


Tell us more about yourself

What are your personal fitness goals?

To build more muscles, strength, endurance and flexibility. I aim to eat healthy and clean while learning more about how different foods affect different muscle groups for recovery. I also aim to be more disciplined and have a positive, focused mindset.


How will you use your #BiogenFaceOfFitness ambassadorship to inspire women to lead a healthy / fit lifestyle if you win?

I will use my ambassadorship to help inspire women through my own life experiences. I will show them that you can build a beautiful body through the power of exercising, eating clean and staying consistent to your fitness goals. I want women to see that it is really amazing and fun to reach your fitness goals.


What health and fitness quote or mantra do you live by?

Discipline beats motivation.


Tell us about your fitness lifestyle

I create a new workout plan every 6 weeks so that my body can achieve different results from different exercises. I love to work out at the gym or at home for strength, and outdoors for my endurance and HIIT training. Occasionally, I incorporate dancing lessons to keep my body flexible. I always prepare my meals a week ahead so that I don’t fall off my diet.


Why do you think you’re the Biogen Face of Fitness?

Health and fitness is my purpose and a big part of my lifestyle. I am inspired to stay fit and healthy so much that I am always looking to learn more about it from professionals who have been involved for years. I want to teach different women and young girls that they can build their body the way they want it to be by keeping healthy and fit and that it really improves your life as a whole.



  • Sandile Ngqase on September 5, 2020

    Shine Zamo & all the best!

    • Nomzamo Nkambule on September 5, 2020

      Thank You so much I appreciate your support.❤

  • Junior on September 6, 2020

    Wish you all the best ?

    • Koketso on September 8, 2020

      Done ?❤️I wish you all the best

    • Nomzamo on September 12, 2020

      Thank You all so much for all the Love and the support.I appreciate everyone who has voted and believes in me.

  • Makhosonke on September 9, 2020

    Wishing yew all the best darling???

    • Boitshoko on September 11, 2020

      They stand no chance, look at how amazing you look

  • Njabulo on September 10, 2020

    Done ✌?✌?✌?

  • Tswelo on September 11, 2020

    Sorted ??

  • Noxolo on September 12, 2020

    Good Luck❤

  • Siyabonga on September 12, 2020

    All the best ?

  • Faith on September 12, 2020

    All the best babe??

  • Ternecia on September 13, 2020

    Wish you all the best babe

  • Lindiwe Masike on September 13, 2020

    Wishing you the best, may you win. Done voting

  • Thato on September 13, 2020

    All the best from AfrikanSwiss

  • Tshepo Seaga on September 13, 2020

    All the best

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