Paulette Kaise

Vital Stats:

  • First Name: Paulette
  • Surname: Kaise
  • Age: 23
  • Area you live in: Midrand
  • Occupation: Personal training student

Social Profiles:

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Tell us more about yourself:

What are your fitness goals?


To put my personal training diploma to work and launch a successful career as a fitness professional. I intend on making a success of my life and to build my brand and take it to ever greater heights. I would truly love to become a fitness competitor, as this has been a great dream of mine for many years. I have lacked resources and I believe this opportunity would enable me to live that dream. I would be able to get a coach and afford being a competitor. I also want to become a life coach and assist others who have the odds stacked against them to help them keep on pushing and pursue their dreams.


Why do you think you’re the USN Face of Fitness?


I believe that I am a breath of fresh air. I am unique and very relatable to a lot of women who aspire to become healthier. I have defied the odds and continue to dream and work hard. I promote and carry the USN name with pride all of the time. It has come naturally to me and I know I’d continue to do it with honour and pride. I know exactly how I would deliver greater exposure to the brands, while also assisting me to grow my business. It would be an honour to prove wrong all those people who discouraged me from this competition, saying I would never win because of the colour of my skin. I believe in working hard and giving my all. I believe, now more ever, that I am ready for the responsibility.