Reatlegile Keebine

Age: 18
Lives: Rustenburg

I am a model, unpublished author and a former brand, health and influencer via my YouTube channel. I am a very passionate, hard-working, self-motivated and goal-oriented young lady. I love reading books and watching movies. As a role model, I try my best to help kids at daycare around my area with educational material. I work hard to have a great YouTube channel, which I hope will teach people more about health and Influence them to do great things in life.

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How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

I have suffered from anxiety a lot in the past so I walk every day in the evening around my area to refresh my mind and keep my heart strong and healthy as my grandmother has taught me. I workout every Wednesday and Friday in my area as Covid-19 has prevented me from going to the gym more often. I focus on warm-ups and stretching to keep my body flexible because I am a model and it works for me to rock on stage and at the studio. 

What are your personal fitness goals?

I want to achieve a set number of repetitions of an exercise – more pull ups and running a personal best time over a set distance. I want to stretch more and improve my flexibility. I am very confident with my body but I want to develop some abs. I don’t want to stay stuck indoors or at the gym. My goal is to take my fitness outside, challenge my body and engage in hiking, running, climbing, hill walking, mountain biking and more. I want to balance my fitness with my diet as it is the most important factor in a healthy lifestyle. I want to eat more healthy food, mostly greens and avoid processed and manufactured food and try to eliminate sugar as much as I can.

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