Shelby shares her fitness lifestyle

Take us through a typical day in our life.

My days are generally the same. I compete a lot, so my days generally start with fasted cardio. I then do meal prep before studying for most of the day. I’m then back at gym for weights and some extra cardio in the late afternoon or early evening. Once I am back home I generally try to get more studying in before heading to bed.

Cardio plays a major role in your show prep. Why so?

Cardio helps me to burn fat, while the weights help to build muscle. People have mixed feelings about cardio as a fat-loss aid, but everyone responds differently and I know it works for me.

Where did your fitness journey begin?

When I did my first IFBB Bikini show at the end of 2015. I didn’t take it too seriously, but I gave it a shot and really enjoyed it. However, it was definitely the Face of Fitness that proved to be the biggest stepping stone into the industry for me.

What are your future goals and ambitions?

To use my qualifications to help people achieve their fitness-related goals and dreams, especially those who want to feel more comfortable in themselves. From a competitive standpoint, my ultimate goal is to earn an IFBB Pro Card.

What’s next for you in terms of competitions?

This year I plan to compete at IFBB Provincials to qualify for Nationals, where I hope to be invited to compete at World Champs. That’s where you get noticed and hopefully earn your pro card.

Take us through your normal training routine.

My weight training split changes every two months, according to my goals and what muscle groups require more focus. Currently, I train quads on Mondays, shoulders and glutes on Tuesdays, back on Wednesdays, shoulders again on Thursdays, arms on Fridays, and Saturday is for hamstrings.

What does being fit mean to you?

It’s about more than just looking good. It’s important to also feel comfortable in your own skin. Looking good is not the be all and end all. I’ve looked great but felt terrible, so you need to find that balance.

You’ve got your own unique transformation story. Tell us more about your experience.

I was very underweight. I struggled with that because I always wanted to gain muscle as I find that appealing. I also secretly wanted to compete, but never told anyone about that because I was embarrassed. Towards the end of high school I got a personal trainer, who got me started and helped me build a foundation. But it wasn’t until I moved to Jo’burg that I really made progress. After I won the Face of Fitness I achieved my dream, because that’s when my current coach Tarryn Zelow contacted me after seeing me on cover. That’s how I got to where I am today. Anyone who wants to make a change, be it to lose weight or gain muscle like I had to, needs to take bold action. Once you take that first step it gets easier.

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