Sherneal Joseph

Age: 23
Lives: Johannesburg 

I am a 23 year old Personal Trainer and Nutritionist based in Johannesburg South Africa. If I were to describe myself it would be as a go-getter, a women empowerment leader, a passion and purpose driven individual and simply someone with a gift from God and the passion for health and fitness that He planted in my heart. 

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My journey into the health and fitness space started in 2017. I was at the lowest point in my life and I longed for an escape, a safe place and something that would rejuvenate me from the inside out, and the gym provided me with just that and more. Just like any other, I started from scratch – scared, intimidated and confused, with little to no knowledge and lost in the chaos, myths and misconceptions that saturate the health & fitness industry. 

But fast forward almost 5 years down the line and a triple major in Politics and Governance, Industrial Sociology and Spanish later and here I am a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. This unexpected carrier choice wasn’t really readily accepted by those closest to me, but, my faith and trust in God and the passion that He placed in my heart is the reason I am who I am and where I am today. Despite the doubt, the rejection and the failures that I have encountered along the way I have always come out stronger and every mess has had a message. My purpose is to use my career to be the light that shines in darkness for other people and help impact their lives for the better. I know what a commitment to health and fitness has done for me and how multi-faceted its benefits are, so coming from a place of personal experience I am confident in how I can make my passion my purpose and positively impact the lives of others. 

How does fitness fit into your lifestyle?

Fitness is my lifestyle, it doesn’t have to fit in because everything I am and everything I do extends from my commitment to fitness. Fitness is my passion and my career, my gift and my calling from God and the way that I am able to play my part and positively impact the lives of others, it is my escape and my safe place, my hobby, my mental and physical health and my strength and confidence. Fitness is engrained in my identity as an individual. 

What are your personal fitness goals?

My personal fitness goals are to become stronger, happier, healthier and more confident than the person I was yesterday. Every opportunity I get to work out and nourish my body mindfully is another step towards me becoming better than the person I was yesterday and flourishing from the inside out. 


  • Aulora Stally on September 7, 2021

    Perfect face, body and attitude! You got this, hun xx

    • Sherneal on September 13, 2021

      Thank you so much Aunty Aulora

    • Danielle on October 6, 2021

      perfect body, love your positivity

  • Taryna Howie-Glanville on September 8, 2021

    Amazing Sherneal! Proud of you… ?

    • Sherneal on September 13, 2021

      Thank you cuz

  • Natasha Demorgan on September 8, 2021

    All the best Sherneal… U got this xx

    • Nina Gill on September 8, 2021

      All the very best Sherneal. You deserve to win this. ❤️

      • Sherneal on September 13, 2021

        Thank you Aunty Nina

    • Sherneal on September 13, 2021

      Thank you aunty Tash

  • Shirley on September 9, 2021

    You more than deserving of this Sherneal. So proud of you.

    • Sherneal on September 13, 2021

      Thank you hun

  • bukhe_258 on September 12, 2021

    You got it all Sherneal! None to worry about . Proud of you ?

  • Tumelo on September 16, 2021

    your body is to die for… you got it all

    • Aidandk on September 20, 2021

      Empowering human being with lots of positive energy !!

  • Sandra Vivienne Stuhardt on September 20, 2021

    All the best Sherneal.

  • Kuda on September 20, 2021


  • Mignonne Jennings on September 20, 2021

    Rooting for you Sherneal.

  • Lily Funk on September 20, 2021

    Al the very best to you . Thumbs up ?

  • Albara on September 21, 2021

    Good luck ???

  • Bridgit Dhana on September 21, 2021

    Go for goldxxx

  • Sean on September 21, 2021

    Good luck Sherneal

  • Leandra on September 21, 2021

    You got this Sherneal, very proud of you!

  • Ricky Skeef on September 28, 2021

    Ricky from KZN rooting for you!!

  • Monalisa DeWaal on October 5, 2021

    Your best qualities are what fuels and motivates you to be stronger. You are Powerful and empowering young ladies to push forward and reach for their dreams you are amazing my cousin keep aiming high best of luck you got this xxx

    • Chriselda on October 22, 2021

      All the best…. Pray you win ?

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