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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are entering the Face of Fitness competition and have more questions than answers, then this section is for you.

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What do I need to enter?2023-08-31T17:42:41+02:00

To participate, please ensure you fill out the online entry form completely. Include at least two well-captured physique photos that distinctly showcase your present physical condition in a fitness or health-related environment. While it’s advantageous, providing an introductory video where you share your reasons for believing you could be the upcoming Face of Fitness is optional.

These images, coupled with the responses you provide in the entry form, will collectively shape your personal webpage on our site. This platform will serve as a hub for your supporters to cast their votes on your behalf during the voting period from September 25th to October 1st.

What are we looking for in the winning physique?2023-08-21T16:20:48+02:00

The judges are looking for a well-conditioned, and athletic physique that embodies both vitality and femininity, while remaining sustainable year-round. Striking a balance that avoids excessive muscularity and extremity is paramount.

Fitness magazine targets women aspiring to enhance their health, embrace fitness as a lifestyle, and sculpt their physiques. Our cover model winners’ appearance must exude inspiration and resonate with our readers, captivating their aspirations and desires.

What is expected of you as a brand ambassador?2023-08-21T16:21:27+02:00

As a brand ambassador, embodying the brand and living the fitness lifestyle ethos is paramount. This entails integrating health and fitness seamlessly into your daily routine. As a brand ambassador you must prioritise your well-being.

Being the Face of Fitness Mag and a Biogen ambassador transcends mere market positioning; it hinges on authenticity and relatability. You serve as a pivotal connection point between people and the brand.

In the realm of social media, regularity is essential, and should represent a genuine extension of your lifestyle. This ensures an organic connection that resonates, rather than a forced engagement.

What is expected of the winner?2023-08-21T16:21:50+02:00

The winner of the Biogen Face of Fitness competition wins a prize package of R150,000. This includes a Biogen ambassador sponsorship contract for 1 year. The specifics of this partnership will be elaborated upon in the winner’s agreement with Biogen, encompassing a range of responsibilities. These entail select appearances at events of minor scale, coupled with a handful of engaging photoshoot commitments.

How do I Enter?2023-08-21T16:22:38+02:00

Online entries for the 2023 cover search will open 1 September 2023. It’s a simple process of uploading your photos (min two photos) and video (optional) and completing the form online. Just follow the prompts on the entry page.

Do I have to submit professional photos?2023-08-21T16:23:35+02:00

No, you don’t, but it is an advantage if you do.

To clearly highlight your physique, it’s best to have professional lighting in the photos and to ensure that photos are taken in the correct environment. It also shows us that you have put in a great deal of effort to prepare for this competition, which reveals a lot about your personality and your aspirations, and your goal of using this competition to launch your fitness career.

Do I need to wear a bikini?2023-08-21T16:24:37+02:00

No, but you do need to wear an outfit that show as much of your physique as possible. Crop tops and hot pants are acceptable, but outfits that completely cover your mid-section and legs are not suitable.

On what basis do you disqualify entries?2023-08-21T16:26:47+02:00

Disqualifying entries in a fitness photo competition should be based on fair and consistent criteria to maintain the integrity and credibility of the competition. Here are some valid points to consider for disqualifying entries:

  1. Inappropriate Content: Any content that includes explicit, offensive, or inappropriate material that goes against the competition’s guidelines or general standards should be disqualified.
  2. Misrepresentation: Entries that are suspected of using photo manipulation tools to alter the contestant’s appearance in a way that misrepresents their true physique can be disqualified.
  3. Non-Compliance with Guidelines: Entries that fail to adhere to the competition’s specified guidelines regarding photo quality, format, lighting, and environment could be disqualified.
  4. Lack of Authenticity: Entries that appear to be borrowed, stolen, or plagiarized from another source, including copyrighted images, should be disqualified.
  5. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Entries that involve unsportsmanlike behavior, harassment, or any form of offensive commentary should be disqualified to maintain a respectful competition environment.
  6. Excessive Filters/Editing: Entries that have been overly filtered, edited, or retouched to the extent that they no longer accurately represent the participant’s actual physique could be disqualified.
  7. Multiple Entries: If a participant submits multiple entries under a different name, when only one is allowed.
  8. Late Submissions: Entries submitted after the specified deadline should be disqualified, as they may provide an unfair advantage to participants who adhered to the rules.
  9. Failure to Disclose Enhancements: If a participant fails to disclose the use of performance-enhancing substances, and it’s discovered later, their entry could be disqualified.
  10. Incomplete Information: Entries with incomplete or false information (such as age, name, contact details) that prevents proper identification or communication could be disqualified.
  11. Please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions of entering this competition.
How do I know if my entry details and photos are correct?2023-08-21T16:30:04+02:00

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your photos and filled out the online entry form, you can rest assured that everything is in order and your provided images are considered correct. In the event that any of your images are deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for online display, our office will promptly get in touch with you to address the matter.

Why is my entry not online?2023-08-21T16:33:11+02:00

In our best efforts we try and upload entries to the website as we receive them. With the number of entries increasing as we reach the closing date, turnaround time for entries to appear online could take up to 72 hours (excluding weekends).

Your entry will also not appear online if you have not supplied all the correct photos, and agreed to the terms and conditions for entering this competition.

I already have a sponsor, how does this affect my entry?2023-08-21T16:36:06+02:00

You may enter this competition regardless of any other existing sponsorship. However, to be eligible to win the Biogen Face of Fitness, you can not be sponsored by any brand that conflicts/competes with Biogen. If you want confirmation, please contact for more information. ( Apparel and beauty products are fine)

How do I know if you’ve received my entry?2023-08-21T16:37:06+02:00

Your entry form and images are completed and uploaded online. The website will confirm with you if they have all been uploaded successfully. A day or two following your upload, our Fitness Mag office will also send you a confirmation email.

If you have not received a confirmation email within 5 working days after submission, please check back with us via email Please note that we will not upload any entries to the website in the competition if they do not meet certain criteria, which are: Completed entry form, physique photos and a video link.

It’s my birthday after / before closing date2023-08-21T16:37:55+02:00

This competition is open for females aged 18 and older. (i.e. your age needs to be 18 or older at/on the closing date of this competition).

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